Coaching is a powerful partnership between a coach and a client designed to create lasting change in one’s life.  The coaching process is about the coach asking empowering questions so that the client discovers within themselves the answers that they need. Clients experience a sense of empowerment as they become more confident in who they are.

At Jennifer Silva Coaching, we use the “Core Energy” Coaching process, as designed by iPEC Coaching (  The Core Energy process is an extraordinary method of coaching which takes coaching to a new level.

Many coaches today simply coach.  They identify “what” needs to be changed and are able to help their clients create that change.  But very often those changes are not sustainable.

A coach trained in Core Energy coaching is able to quickly get into the “why” behind the “what”.  The best chances for success is when the true motivation of a desired change is uncovered.  Our clients achieve extraordinary results and become fully engaged in their lives!